Dato Andrew Cheah
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Hi Im Andrew Cheah. The founder of SFY Group Sdn Bhd .




Life is short, dare to dream it. Fail is not horrible, success is.

The moment you think you success that is fail.


30 Years in Sales Industry Founder & Group CEO Of SFY Group Come from poor single parent family 13 years old sell nitendo and sega at Yaohan/Hangkiu


1994 - 17 years old after spm work at Genting as a casino croupier


1995 - 18 years old Joint Telekom Yellow Pages - Won top 10 and youngest sales achiever 19 years old top tiger award winner in Yellow Pages 20 years old Economy crisis - Night time Sell VCD at Pasar Malam and day time work at Proton Edar


1998 - 1999 21 years old won few time best peformance in Proton


1999 - 22 years old start own business used car dealer

- Wawasan Kepong Auto


2002 - 25 years old make 1 million in business


2005 - 26 years old take over Hyundai Dealer - Achieve one of the top peformance (SFY Group)


2010 - 32 Years old venture into Mazda dealership and invest in Auto City


2013 - 35 Years old start venturing in Luxury Imported Car


Currently have 2 luxury car Showroom - Cheras & PJ


Goal :-

- IPO my company in the next 3 years

- Transform young master to be millionaire car sales entrepreneurs


TTT (3T) - Totality, Transparency & Transformation